Heroes Rewatch | 1.04 Collision
Save the cheerleader, save the world

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Spock acknowledged the exceptional technical achievement with a precise nod.
“ I would acclaim you a wizard at your specialty, Lieutenant, except there are no wizards.”
“The correct term is ‘sorceress,’ Mr. Spock—and thank you

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Extras from Star Trek (2009)


"Dark Angel Gabriel"


"Dark Angel Gabriel"

The body was the only reality.

Sylar / Oliver Thredson

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Let me grace your dash with Zachary Quinto doing incredible and awesome things, such as: breathing, talking, staring, wearing glasses and existing.

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it’s the best day of the year. 
♫ the best day of the year ♩


it’s the best day of the year. 

♫ the best day of the year 


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Now you're angry with me for telling you this! Pay attention to those who hurt your feelings telling you the truth.
- A Man Talking to His House, Rumi

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*angry fuking Xiu Xiu lyrics*

im gros